Thursday 22 May 2008


The annual Pumpkin Festival is over and the house is getting back to normal.

Sort of.

The pantry is fuller, as are the fridges. The frozen meat storage supply is dwindling, which means that we've actually had home-cooked meals once again. The Machinist is happy.

Autumn leaves have been raked from the front garden, carted to the back garden and recycled as blankets for harvested and weeded vegetable plots which have been - well - put to bed for the winter. Fruits have been salvaged and stored in crates before being ravaged by birds and insects. Other fallen and rotten fruit has been scooped up and removed. The Machinist is happy.

Ample laundry bins are now empty. Mount 'Fold Me' has disappeared and the whole family have wardrobes and drawers full of clothing they didn't know they had. There's no longer a need to go searching for something to wear in the chill of the early morning. The Machinist is happy.

The office 'IN' tray looks lonely and yet the file cabinet bulges with delight. Accounts are in order. The phone is silent. The Machinist is happy.

The purchase of property is moving ahead and settlement takes place in early June. Metalsmithery is now more than a dream. It IS REALITY.

The Machinist is happy.


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