Tuesday 22 August 2017

Commonwealth Park and Civic Central, Australian Capital Territory

I love Civic in winter.  I love the fallen leaves in Autumn and Winter, too. I like to kick them.  Especially when the wind has dispersed them, then blown them together again.  Or some busy landscaper has raked them all together.  I know that is naughty of me, but I can't help myself.

And if, perchance, I miss a pile, the Machinist dutifully reminds me of it.  He doesn't say anything; he calls my name, and then he turns his head towards the pile and uses his eyes that say to me "Helen, aren't you going to march through that pile of leaves and kick them until they are all over the place..."

Yeah.  I know these things.  I can read him.

Fairy lights strewn through the trees in Civic Central

The Machinist Walks On

(Don't slip on the fallen acorns, Machinist!)

This is how my skin feels in winter.  But... it doesn't look as beautiful

Acorn Melange. I love these short stumpy acorns.  Fat and bulbous. 

Oak leaves never cease to make me smile.  Oh, and one solitary elongated acorn.  Can
you spot it? 

Our shadows as we stand together on the bridge that links Civic to Commonwealth Park -
where Floriade is held each year.

The paved circle as you walk off the bridge with a reminder of where you are.  Knowing
where you are is always good.  At least I think so. 

Built up beds in preparation for Spring plantings.  

More built up beds.  I call this "black gold"

See how the creeper moves in?  And takes over? 

"Oak is everywhere....everywhere you look around..." tra la la
(To be sung to the tune of "love is in the air" by John Paul Young)

Goulburn Railway, Riverside and Wetlands, Goulburn New South Wales

We didn't know it was such a scenic, pretty place - the walk alongside the Goulburn river.  We followed it until it led on to the Goulburn Wetlands, which is still under construction and growing all the time.  It reminded me of the type of area you could base a story on.  The "Badlands" in Stephen King's "It" comes to mind.

(If you walk there, look over your shoulder!)

Rail memorabilia.  Note how blackberry has no bounds.  Takes plenty of prisoners! 

Part of the golf course near the river.  What an ideal spot. I can't imagine the number of golf
balls deposited in the river.  We happened to find one as we passed by.  Small things...

A delightful leaf covered bridge on the river walk

A metal "welcome" sign to the arty-sit-area, also alongside the river

War Memorial, Rocky Hill, Goulburn

Swamphens.  Cheeky!

"Ullo ullo ullo.  Who are you, then?"
The Machinist Walks On.

Lake Burley Griffin 4, Australian Capital Territory

It seems that although Lake Burley Griffin is one vast - well - lake, each direction has different flora and fauna and landscapes.  There's always something that catches my eye.  These geese would have gladly picked at my eye if I had of shown any fear.  

I trembled inside, though.  

Birdlife:  They all wanted to chase me.  But I stood strong.  Gangsters. 

The trunk had split into three lanky branches, which were doing the Mexican wave...

Hey up! Who goes there....?

Silver Birch Splendour 

The Machinist Walks On

Fluff!  I wouldn't have gotten this close if it were Spring.  Lucky that we walked the
Burley Griffin circuit in Winter.

Lake Burley Griffin 3, Australian Capital Territory

As I posted these pics, I realised how blurry they are.  That's because I'm below average on photography skills. Nevertheless, I think you will be able to make out what is going on.  This is another direction of Lake Burley Griffin in our National Capital.  The various Embassies are also in this area.

A wee breeze in the trees.  Not that you could tell with these strong fellas.

Choppy waters

Black Mountain and the Telstra Tower

Part of Yacht Club

How good does the Aussie flag look - towering over the top of autumnal beauty

Bronze galloping horse

Chinese Culture in the Capital
Bronze bird
Living birds of a feather....

This is NOT the place to pee!

The Machinist Walks On


 Table talk amongst our children is and always has been, -  a rabbit warren . We start off in one hole and end up in another -  quick smart....