Tuesday 27 April 2010

Strength in Weakness

It's constantly amazing to me, how we get through things in life. 

A week ago, things looked daunting.  The Machinist had to go for an operation, Granny had to go for an operation, there were the prospect of long weeks ahead, full of events for The Daily Pie. 

Who would roll pastry with me? Who would bake pies with me?  Who would marinate and braise and slow cook meat fillings with me?  How could I take care of these two loved ones at the same time?

The washing machine broke down, the water pump played up and the electricity at the Shop was constantly tripping...

There was a multitude of other things, too. 

And yet....

My family pulled together and we got through it all....

The annual Pumpkin Festival is on this weekend, and we are expecting thousands of visitors to our tiny village of around 250.  We will be baking meat pies, sweet pies, pumpkin pies and serving pumpkin soup.  Pumpkin fever rages high, and I am tempted to enter a pie in the Pumpkin Pie competition. 

If there's time for such frivolity!

Sunday 18 April 2010

Caring for the Sick and Injured

"Hey, Babe, do you know any other guy who'd weld and machine during the day, after an early morning stint rolling pastry and making pies, only to return later that evening and help clean down the kitchen?"

"No, Babe.  You're the man.  You're. The. Man".

I feel so badly for the Machinist.  Remember this story, where the Machinist was larking about with Number One Son and badly hurt the back of his leg / ankle?  It turns out that the Machinist has actually broken his Achilles tendon.  The ultra sound shows that it is only hanging on by a few 'threads', and very flimsy threads at that.  Furthermore, there is a blood clot in the Machinist's lower calf and he is insistant that he '...ain't going on Warfarin*tm.  Not that rat poison!...'

And I certainly can't blame him.

He's been helping us so much at the Cafe.  We get there early (..ahem...) We roll, form and fill the pies by hand, then the Machinist and I drive in convoy out on the highway, where we leave his utility with a massive Daily Pie Cafe sign on the back (we're not allowed to leave fixed signs on the highway).  Then the Machinist goes home, supposedly to get off his bad leg.  He doesn't, though.  Well, not all the time.  He's busy quoting on machining jobs, making calls, costing etc.  He makes things for the Cafe and fixes things and does repairs and maintenance on the house, Workshop and grounds.

Last week, I took mam for cataract surgery.  The next day, she had a follow up appointment with the surgeon.  In the same week, I went with the Machinist to the hospital where we waited over 8 hours to see a doctor.  Good has come of it, though, and to cut a long story short, his tendon surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday.  Mam also has follow up consultations next week, but one of the girls will take her into town. After placing food orders, I'd like to focus on helping the Machinist get well again.  

We've got public holidays and a festival coming up in the next couple of weeks. Big days for the Cafe and staff (us).  One day at a time, though.

By the grace of God go I...


 Table talk amongst our children is and always has been, -  a rabbit warren . We start off in one hole and end up in another -  quick smart....