Thursday 29 August 2013

Thoughts on Sarah & Cameron's Wedding

It is nearly three months since the (rush) and joy of Sarah and Cameron's wedding.  It was beautiful, yet bittersweet; - a sense of loss and grief at the thought of 'losing' Sarah to Cameron (which is TOTALLY not the case and which I've learned is a common parental emotion) and yet - gain by the addition of another son, as well as a couple.  Sarah and Cameron became an entity: The Couple.

 When they left for their honeymoon,  I remember thinking of our daughter as going away and becoming a changeling, and yet - on their return, I realised how silly I had been and that she was the same, as was her husband, Cam.  They were the same; it was me who expected their change.  They were still the children, as they had always been, expecting us, their parents to - well - parent as we had always done - with the same attitudes and methods as we'd always used.  I, on the other hand had expected some type of change from them so much, that my own fathoming had changed me and I became the Changelings - towards them.

How confused and bewildered they must have been....(I'm confused and bewildered as I try to explain all of this.)

Sarah and I had a heartfelt discussion about this late one night.  We cried together.  And then, as quickly as this strange and yet common phenomena came upon us, it was gone, and family life, as we know it - had resumed. 

To normal. 

Well, as normal as normal is.

And so much normality has happened since.

Thank goodness.

The End.


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