Wednesday 9 July 2008

Drainpipe Finds

The new kitchen in the Grands cottage started life as two rooms; a kitchen AND a laundry. Neither were big enough to swing a cat by its tail in, so the Machinist decided to break down the wall and make one large kitchen instead. Oh, and he let our kitties off the hook, too.

(It was a fun day knocking down that dividing wall. The Machinist couldn't stop laughing as I took "girlie" swings at the brittle villaboard, while delighting in the sound it made as vila-shrapnel hit the tiled floors).

On the downside, we were left with a solitary drainage pipe, growing out of the middle of the new kitchen floor.

Today, while visiting with the Grands in their current home, their phone rang.

"Get that, will yer, mi duck?"

Translation: "Answer the phone, will you, my dear?"

I picked up their phone:


"Hello, guess what I found in the drain pipe?" said the Machinist, exitedly.


"Two screwdrivers. Can you believe it? How anything ever drained from this laundry, I will never know.."

Yeah, I know, my darling Machinist.

I know.

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