Tuesday 20 October 2009

Interest In Pies

The other day, all geared out in chef's uniform, I was filling in my time sheet, head down, totally focussing on dates, hours started and finished, total hours etc, when I heard a chap's voice enquiring about the local pie shop.

"What do you know about The Daily Pie?", he asked the barman.  "Every time we pass through town, I can see that progress has been made on the building, and there is a sign saying 'Opening Soon', but it's still not open.  When do you think it will open?"

The barman went into dumb-mute mode (he's a lovely chap), looked over at me and replied "You'd better ask the chef".

Now the delayed opening date of our pie shop is a tender, emotional subject and I know and understand that the locals are wondering and becoming impatient.  I cannot blame them for this.  For a split second, my heart was heavy and I had no idea how to respond without going into a Great Explaination and 101 Reasons Why The Pie Shop Isn't Open Yet, but I refrained, lifted my head, looked the guest directly in the eyes and said "Good help is hard to find these days, especially in a small town like ours".

And thus, the awkward-ness dissipated with laughter, and that familiar nod of understanding...

Oftentimes, less is MORE.

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