Saturday 12 June 2010

Working Together

We work together
We work as one
Though there may be times
When we don't 'get on'

We may not always
See 'eye to eye'
And sometimes we feel
Like saying 'good-bye'

When this happens
We shouldn't lose heart
For of 'something greater'
We are all a part

Each one of us
Has a role to play
In making this
A brighter day

We work together
For the good of all
It's in our hearts
Where we feel the call

Gods love lives within
Every heart that shares
and every soul
that really cares

So whenever you feel
like going away
Just listen to your heart
For it wants you to stay.

Janice Walkden


Ken Devine said...

Hi Helen
Are we to assume there is heat in the kitchen?
Hope all is well...really!

Martyn Findley said...

A beautiful sentiment and well put.

matron said...

So glad to see you in blog world again.hope all is going well at the pie shop and that you have lots of well fed customers.
The poem sums up how we all feel at times,so well put.
Best wishes from Ireland.

Helen said...

Ken, the heat is always in the kitchen. Even in the deep mid-winter. The girls come through from the cafe and ask if we can stoke up the fire, and they're met with two glowing embered faces!

Martyn, I loved the poem, too. I mean - this is how life is, yes?

Matron, we were busy on opening, then went through a quiet period. Nowadays, it's snow season, and lots of travellers passing through. Two days this past weekend, we've sold out! What a blessing...

Joyful said...

Wonderful to hear your business is going well. Super..just super after all the very hard work you and your family have put it. Continued success. xx

Anonymous said...

i love this post, very beautiful and it makes alot of sense too. in life, there are times when we have to work as a team but at the same time, remain that individuality. kinda a paradox but that's perhaps the way life is.


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