Tuesday 21 September 2010

A Taste of Spring

I bought some petunias today.  Petunias and stocks - in pinks and whites - some frilly, some smooth petalled.  Oh, and a couple of silver leafed perennials to plant in between them, bringing out their beauty, while adding to their vanity.  There were red and green cabbage flowers, too, which I left behind and now regret.  I've always adored displays of fruits, vegetables, berries and twiggery which hold their own against the most brilliant of flowers.   These aren't for our garden, though - they are for the Grands, and for mam to divide and replant.  She's been wanting 'pots of colour' for their outside table since the weather warmed a little.
"When did you put those plants outside our door?" she asked "will we be going back to the plant shop? I'd love some primroses, too ..."
"Sure we can, ma... I just wanted you to have something beautiful to welcome spring"

Our garden at home has come alive and looks quite lush already .... with LOTS and LOTS of weeds.  There's weeds between the vegetable beds and the garden paths have the thickest, greenest patches of lawn.

Should we mow it or scrape it up?

On each bed sits bulbous black bags, strategically placed and filled with semi-decomposed leaves; - a gift of labour from Grandpa when the leaves were carpeting the front of the house in early winter. They look like huge cocoons, waiting to burst open and spew out their contents.  I'm hoping we can relieve them really soon. 

Then again - I'm hoping to attend to a lot of garden exploits.  Soon.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

It's good to see you again. Have missed hearing about The Daily Pie and hope all is going well with that new venture in your life.

Enjoy your spring.


Ken Devine said...

Hi stranger!
Hope all is well in the garden of life.

Vera said...

Handing Spring and Summer over to you, as we head towards Autumn and Winter here in the Northern Hemisphere! Hope your pie shop is going well, and that you make sure that you take time out for yourself.

matron said...

Greetings from Ireland,good to see your post.I envy the fact that you are having your spring,we have autumn,but it is very cold,not looking forward to winter.
Hope the Pie shop is prospering,I guess you are kept on the go.

The Acorn said...

Don't worry Mam, SOON we will have dirty hands together.
And wonder where we shall go with the wheelbarrow full of weeds!

Love love!


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