Wednesday 2 October 2013

Bats and Black Outs

After arriving home late after visiting the Grands in their new home, I thought it would be very disciplined and organised of me to go straight to the office in the Machine shop and complete some bookwork before going inside the house.  The Machinist was making some end-of-day calls next door.  Bob was crying to go inside.  Or be fussed.  Or fed.  I plumped up his cushion and told him to "go cushion", and he gave me 'those' eyes, but obeyed nevertheless.

The Machinist came in and sat on the chair next to me.  "Ready to go in, Babe?"


And then - a power cut.  The computer, the heater - both off.  And yet... the lights were still on.

"If you go out of the front, I'll lock up behind you and come in the back door"

I went to the car to fetch a few items and lock it.  By then, the house and workshops were in darkness.  The sky was black.  And it was cold.

The front door opened and the Machinist shouted to me "Don't come in - there's another bat loose in the house!"

Don't come in?

Wow, he made it quickly through the garden, tip-toeing and avoiding the fuss, grunts and slobbery of the other dogs, through the house, locate the torch and out of the front door...

Don't come in?

There's another bat loose in the hooooose....

Another bat?


The phone rang.  Fumbling through my bag and vowing to empty it (again) really soon, I answer the call.  Our Sam.

"Are your lights out, too?" he asks
"I'll be down in a minute"

Then another call.  Our Sarah.
"Electricity off?"
"Yes, and there is another bat in the house"

Sarah and Cam pull in the driveway.  I climb in the back of their car as Cam jumps out the driver's seat, determined to help with bat eradication.  Sarah and I swap bat fearing stories and sentiments when the other rear door opens and Sam slides in next to me.

"Not going in to help with the bat?" I ask
"No way!"

In due course, the bat had gone and we went inside to a kitchen lit with candles and the aroma of roast beef.

Sitting down to dinner, with the dim light shining on his cheerful face, Sam declared "Well, I thought tonight would be a bit of a downer, but this dinner has cheered me right up!"


RETA said...

You have a wonderful BlogSpot! Thanks for writing!
I love your story about - power-off & bats-in-the-house! Keep posting! I'm glad you sat down to a nice dinner! Take care!


The Journey said...

I miss you Helen- Linda in Indiana


 Table talk amongst our children is and always has been, -  a rabbit warren . We start off in one hole and end up in another -  quick smart....