Tuesday 5 January 2016

The Grands: On Aging - Part One

My dad - "Grandpa" - had spent quite a few weeks in his local hospital.  He hadn't meant to spend such a long time there; it just turned out that way.  Not necessarily because of on-going ill health, but rather - hospital regulations.

He had been admitted with gout, and he could hardly walk.  His feet and ankles were angry-red and swollen.  He would often wince.  Within a few days, his pain subsided, with great thanks to the reassessment of his Webster pack contents, and the addition of new (temporary) medications.   He perked up and blessed many staff members with his gentlemanly ways, wit and charm.

It wasn't enough, though - it wasn't enough to gain his hospital discharge.  His marching orders.

Hospitals require the aged to be as well as they can be - and in particular - stable and mobile before they are considered to return home. Furthermore, a "Services Package" had to be secured and put into place, courtesy of the Australian Government and currently available to our country's aged population.

Grandpa was fairly stable and he was mobile (with the help from a walker), but he wasn't mobile enough.  He was transferred to Rehab, where he spent a further two weeks before leaving - just in time for his 90th birthday celebrations at our house.

Sarah - hanging the 'Happy Birthday' banner

Starting to set the table with snackage.  

Grandpa has visited his local hospital a couple of times since this particular stay, - for gout, chest pain and dehydration and despite long family communal waits in the ER all visits were short lived.  Needless to say, the staff know him by both of his names.  They even shorten his first.  They call him "Bert". 


It makes me smile every time I hear it. 

The Grands have accepted the Service Package available to them.  We suspect that they are well pleased.  But shhhh.....

We haven't suggested this to them.  We haven't even hinted at it.   

To be Continued......

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