Thursday 25 October 2007

All Kinds of Everything

Mam would often sing or hum when she was busy around the home. Songs and ditties that we, her offspring, remember to this day. She would sing when she was sad, too. Much of our repertoire, as teenagers was not always the current Top of the Pops, but many songs that preceded our birth by twenty or thirty years.

When I think of the Machinist I wonder "..How do I love thee..Let me count the ways...". My love for the Machinist is vast and unlimited and it just IS. It is for All Kinds of Everything (Dana at the Eurovision Song Contest, 1970s, and a favourite of my mams) that I love him.

Our life together is All Kinds of Everything. When I began to think of a theme for this blog, there was no particular aspect of life that stood out that I wanted to write about. I want to write about everything. All Kinds of Everything.

And so, with this in mind, dear Readers, let me now consider each of our days and count the ways...


FarmHouse Style said...

I can't think of any better inspiration:) Welcome to the blogging world.

The little girl in the picture is so precious, is it you?


Helen said...

Thanks for the welcome, Rhonda. Yes, that's me in the pic.


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