Saturday 27 October 2007

Day After Deluge

It's the day after the deluge, and the Machinist is really happy that the workshop has dried out. Sun shines brightly, and a man from the local Council has called around to inspect the current (lacking) stormwater drains. Which makes the Machinist even happier, as there is a promise of "...something has to be done about this, that's for sure..." Declared on a Saturday, too. The creek at the bottom of our garden is full, and the Machinist has perfect 'Lake Views'. "Where on earth could a person work on his lathe, gaze out of the window (from said lathe) and watch wild ducks and Ibis?" he asks.

Yes, where?

The girls will be finished work soon, and the Machinist has promised to take us out to the movies. We were scheduled to go last night, but none of us wished to venture out after the water fight. And besides ~ what if it decided to rain heavily again while we were out? There's always areas of our old house and grounds that needs to be 'kept an eye on' when it rains. The Machinist informs me that we received 53mm of rain yesterday. Not bad.

As I write, there is only the sound of silence and cricket song. At least I think it's crickets. It could be frogs. Cricket song? Frog Song? Either way, it's a peaceful sound....

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