Tuesday 1 January 2008

Organising the Mosquito Mosque

It's really strange 'cos you start blogging in one year, and end up in the next and the time just blends and you are oblivious as to whether you are writing in current or past tense!

Mam and I have been doing a lot of sorting. We emptied each and every bin in the schoolroom cupboard and made the *required* organising piles to give away or throw away. New labels were made for each bin and there is a great sense of satisfaction in an orderly storage system. You almost don't even want to put your hands on any of the items within the bins, lest you put them in disarray. We now have bins containing computer disks, files of guarantees for every appliance we own, sewing in progress, sewing notions, pumpkin festival information, household hardware (hooks, eyelets, tacks, nails, brackets etc), craft, paints and numerous other items.

While I thought mam and dad were sleeping the other night, they weren't. Their bedroom light was on at about one in the morning, so I went to see what was wrong. Mosquitos had invaded their room! Dad was frantically searching for bug spray, while mam was lashing out to squash any mosquitos in her reach. Eventually, we had to use the dreaded mosquito coils, and now, the whole corridor smells like a mosque!

Ahem... Mosquito Mosque....

Hey, happy new year!!!



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