Thursday 24 January 2008

Garden Tour Part 2

More clearing of the hard drive....

This is the view from the back fence, (which the Machinist has cemented into the ground, to prevent snake invasion. We get Tiger and Brown snakes in this area). I just love the trees; they remind me of 'tree prophets of old'. They've probably got a lot to say, if they could talk. We're told, by knowledgeable environmentalists, that salt (yes, salt) did this to them. Apparently, salt rose to the surface and killed the roots.

Another view from the back fence. This is looking into the willows, where there was once (many moons ago) a piggery. I wouldn't mind that now. Imagine.... little piglets running around. "Babe, Babe, where are you?"

Raspberry canes, dancing with apples...

Looking up into the Ballerina apple. The branches are so heavy with fruit - hence - the peek into the sky.

Eldest daughter's artwork. We didn't know what to do with it, so we put it in the garden. Looks sort of creepy, like a shrine or something. I'ts not meant to be. Although... seeing those apples that the cockatoos rejected (John West trained them well), makes one think of sacrifice. Yikes!

Fig tree. We planted two. One thrived, the other is being rather lazy. Reminds me of Eden...

This rose cost me $5. It was established, in a pot, but I didn't know what colour it would be. So glad it turned out like this. Delightful. I'm told that this particular rose is called "Peace". Peace.

Some more of the half eaten and wasted apples, semi-raked together for pickup, before the pesky fruit fly attacks. From one pest (cockatoo) to another....

Nashi pears. Have you ever tried one? They are so utterly juicy. You get a river of Babylon running down your jowls when you bite into them.

This is the garden in the middle of the orchard. Somewhere in there, is a crimson rose. Somewhere in there are lavender and rosemary bushes. Somewhere in there are lots of marbles that Number One Son and - ahem - others catapulted, in efforts to rid the trees of thieves (Australian birds).

Oh, there's many more photos of the garden, in different stages. Rather overwhelming, though, for those who haven't got one green limb (nor an inclination to own one) in their body.

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