Friday 8 February 2008


Pumpkin Seeds for Sale:

These past few days have been abounding with arrangements for the annual Village Pumpkin Festival, which attracts over 5000 people to our tiny (200 resident) hamlet. What do they call arrangements nowadays? Logistics? I have seen that word splashed around regulary (and wondered what it meant) on copious amounts of business brochures, and even as paid advertising on the sides of huge trucks that we overtake on the highway as we drive into the city.

(Logistics. Sounds quite technical really. Hmmmm... the logistics of housekeeping? Now that's something I'm proficient at. Ask the Machinist).

When I volunteered as secretary to the Festival, I thought I would be typing up letters, agendas and minutes of meetings. Little did I know back in October 2007 that I would be shopping for groceries, decorations, stationary, organising caterers, taking bookings for bashes and balls, banking, calculating profit and losses, debating risk assessments, conferring with council men, refereeing committee members, nursing hurt egos, taking bookings for stall holders, coordinating stall holders, smoothing stall holders' squabbles,

What was that?

Smoothing stall holders' squabbles?

Letters to Stall Holders:

(and all she ever wanted was happy Punkin People.....)

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