Sunday 8 February 2009

Tales From Thrush Green

For those who love gentle, honest books, as I do, the Thrush Green series is a must read. It seems that dieting, for ladies, has been a constant issue throughout the ages:

Miss Fogerty was looking forward to her cup of tea and one biscuit, with more than usual relish. She was on a strict diet, and quite frankly, she felt all the worse for it. All meat was banned, all white bread, and sugar of any colour whatsoever. Anything made with flour was out, and dairy products were forbidden.

'Boiled water only for the first two days', John Lovell had said, his eyes alight with a fanatical gleam. 'Then citrus fruits for three days, and after that perhaps a small apple. Then we can get you on to vegetables, particularly pulses. Pulses are absolutely essential to counteract any acid in the system'.

'But I shall be absolutely bursting with acid if I'm on citrus fruit for days', exclaimed Agnes. 'I really cannot take lemon juice or grapefruit in any quantity. Even oranges upset me.'
~ Tales From Thrush Green - Miss Read ~

Miss Read, or in real life, Mrs Dora Saint, is a teacher by profession who started writing after the Second World War, beginning with light essays written for Punch and other journals. She has written on educational and country matters, and worked as a scriptwriter for the BBC. Miss Read is married to a retired schoolmaster and they have one daughter. They live in a tiny Berkshire hamlet. She is a local magistrate and her hobbies are theatregoing, listening to music and reading.

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Anonymous said...

This is not an author I'm familiar with but then I hate to admit that I'm not a 'big reader' (ooops, did I just say that out loud). :)


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