Tuesday 21 April 2009

What's In A Sign?

Everything. Your Time, your Effort, your Heart.

Realising that "Metal" wouldn't necessarily get the tourists and motorists off the highway and into our small country Village, the Machinist and I decided that a new strategy was necessary. We knew that "Pies" would get them off the highway to exchange their car seats for our cafe seats, and seeing as our new business was going to cater for both metal and pie products anyway, - The Daily Pie it is!
Together, the Machinist and I inserted screws and spacers between each metal letter and the galvanised sheet. Tip-toeing to the extreme end of the roof for a better view, I was overwhelmed with emotion at seeing the whole sign. More so when the Grands came out of their cottage to see what all the fuss was about. Grandpa wore a huge grin and both thumbs up, unable to speak with delight. Granny, being the more verbal of the two, surprised us by clasping both hands over her mouth, and with eyes full of love and admiration, uttered "it's beautiful".

And so, here it is - our new business is set in metal: The Daily Pie, not your average pie shop:
Pies and Metal.
Who would have thought?


Housewife Savant said...

I knew it would be.
Your "Grands" are awesome. Makes me miss my mom (for more than just telling her she was married to a bum.)
I can't wait 'til you're up and running, unless of course that keeps you from your bloggy friends...!

Jayne said...

Very exciting and the Grands must be thrilled. It sounds as though opening day is imminent??? Very best of luck with your new venture - if I lived nearby, I'd be heading your way to get me some of those pies!


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