Thursday 5 November 2009

Will You Sponsor Me?

In the year 2000, my brother and his family arrived in Australia from South Africa. They were jobless and (almost) homeless - mainly due to the criminal activity prevailent in the current South African government. Their right of passage to the land of milk and honey was a 457 Business visa, as the Machinist and I had sponsored them.  Unfortunately, my brother could not meet the requirements (which change almost every six months) of the 457 visa and sadly (devastatingly so), they had to return to South Africa at about this time in 2004, which was the visa's expiration date.
You will understand, then, the whirlwind of emotions when I received this request through our business email:

To whom it may concern

I am a qualified Electrician with 20 odd years experience. I also have my Wireman's Lic. If I am lacking some experience I am a keen, quick learner.

We are currently living in South Africa. I run my own Contracting business for the last 16 years doing new house installations, upgrades to 3 phase, highbay industrial lighting, rennovations, lighting and general maintenance for homes, restaurants, gated complexes, etc. I am a perfectionist in my field and have excellent client liason skills.

We had a Sponsor and were meant to leave in January for Perth but the contract was cancelled due to the economic crisis. Are you in a position to Sponsor me? We would love to relocate to Australia. If you can offer any help or advice it would be greatly appreciated. If given the opportunity I would be loyal, hard working and give of my best at all times. I would like to give my family the safety, security and all the opportunities that Australia offers. I would need to do my Trade Assesment once in Australia because you have to apply for that particular state and not knowing where I shall get a job makes it difficult to do beforehand.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, X


Alan Burnett said...

So, will you sponsor them?

Helen said...

Oh, Alan - I would in a flash, BUT... there is so much to this sponsorship thing. I know this, though - I will be looking out for businesses over here that are in the same field of work as he is (we are engineering). Ha! don't tempt me. I'd open a soup kitchen if I had the means...

French Fancy... said...

Hello there - I saw your little button amongst my collection of followers and when I clicked on it it didn't work (boo) so I googled you and here I am.

I love the look of your blog and am very impressed that you can make pies. My hands are a bit too warm to make good pastry.

I did have some cousins that emigrated to Australia but they are now all back in Europe now. It seems it is not for everyone.

Anyway I hope to come back and see you soon


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