Monday 10 December 2012


For those of you who have read my blog for some time, you may have a sense of knowing how I roll.  For those new to my blog, I say "Hello!" and "welcome" and "thanks for visiting".  I have made some new adjustments, which you will see right at the top.  I've added 'buttons' - (yep, I'm getting fancy!).  These buttons will tell you a bit more about me, my family and my Manufactory.  It may make what I write and ramble on about a bit clearer. 

Chin chin!

Over the last months (since my brother's birthday post) I've taken the Grands to a number of doctors and specialists appointments, in various towns.

My brother went on holiday to the UK.  On his return, mam and I went out with him to celebrate.  (Celebration is good, there doesn't have to be a reason).   Anyway, in our celebration mode, my mam turned too quickly, and even though her arm was hooked in my arm (singing as we went), she fell and I couldn't catch her and she was slipping away from me - ever-so sloooowwwly.  I couldn't catch her and it was horrible.  Mam was still laughing as she fell and hit the ground, saying "what a silly fool I am.." and then "...Helen, something's cracked..."

And so - hospitals, operations and more specialists.  Mam is an ox. No partial hip replacement will keep her down. (I'm exhausted).

Still, you have to stay on the bright side, and even when I load the walking wheelie trolleys into the car, I chuckle, despite the skill it takes to load everything including the shopping.

What else?

Lots of paperwork for the Council, as we are building a new Workshop.  Lots of paperwork for the bank, as we are hoping the Bank is going to pay for said Workshop.  Lots of paperwork and book-keeping for the Accountant, as he is putting the numbers in an attractive way for the Bank.  It's all in the figures.  This is the circle of life....

Oh and we hit a kangaroo on the way home one night after a movie I enjoyed, but the Machinist disliked.  (Ok, I'll tell you the name of the movie: Wuthering Heights).  It's an horrific experience hitting a kangaroo.  He stood there, suddenly but defiantly glaring into our lights.  He hit the front light, then the windscreen, roof, landed on his stealthy legs and bounced off.  From inside, we saw the windscreen shatter, but it didn't shatter in a glass-strewn-all-over-the-place type of way.  More of a spider web getting bigger kind of way.  Then the airbags exploded.  White puffy clouds in front of us.  We couldn't see a things.  The Machinist guided the car to the centre of the highway.  There was a sickening smell, with smoke coming out of the dashboard.  I shouted to the Machinist "...get out - quick!" as I was convinced the car was going to catch alight.  The Machinist, ever so slowly (????) got out of the car and started gagging.  I was convinced that he had internal bleeding.  The car neither caught fire and the Machinist doesn't have internal bleeding.  The result?  A massive bill for the windscreen and an even bigger one for the replacement of the airbags. 

Machinist "....I knew I shouldn't have watched that stupid movie!"

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