Saturday 14 July 2012


I love impulsive days where you just decide to do something because you FEEL like doing it at that time. Today was such a day.  The Machinist took me into town and bought me new boots and clothes.  We had burgers (even a gluten free burger!) and discussed our new health plan.  Part of it will be food, the other - a change of lifestyle where LOTS of delegation and surrendering work to others takes a big part.  I love the sound of it already! 

Much later, we had dinner with my brother and ex sister in law.  It's seldom that we can get together, because we are all in business and work hard and have little time for socialising.  Today, however, was their birthday and I love that despite a marriage that ended some years ago, they are still best of friends and they love each other, and make the effort to be together on their birthdays.

And so - this is a birthday wish for both of them -

I love you both very much.  I hope to share many more birthdays with you.  I am so proud of who you both are and what you have achieved.  Thankyou for all you have done for us.  Thankyou for your generous hearts.  


Oh, and B and W - thanks for paying the restaurant bill!  You know it should have been our treat... but you are both so stubborn.  And we all know who you get that from....


busana muslim grosir ghaniyah said...

Very good article. Congratulations.

Joanne Ferguson said...

Sooo deep. Makes my rant about the absurdity of fashion feel sort of obselite.

networkace said...

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