Tuesday 15 January 2013


On our last day of the holidays, the Machinist and I walked around our workshop to take stock of all that has to be done in an effort to prepare for the expansion of our Engineering business.  So much piles up so quickly.

I have made lists of all that has to be sorted and organised and over the next few days, (hopefully not weeks!) the girls and I will -  hop to it!. 

Even though our trade is metal fabrication and engineering, the accumulation of consumables that have nothing to do with the trade directly are apt to increase as the months go by.

Today, I made labels for tubs in preparation of organising the supplies:  Cars (motor oils and spare globes etc), Electrical (every time the Machinist acquires a new tool or machine, there is a component of electrical work to be done) Plumbing (for both the Workshops and the Block), Garden (for hoses and fitments - especially to have our property bushfire ready with fire fighting pumps), as well as general Hardware.

The Machinist is delighted that we will be in 'his' territory.  He says there's nothing better than a 'woman's touch' when it comes to cleaning and sorting and having all the tools and accessories in an orderly manner. 

We anticipate lots of cuppas from the lads for our hard work!

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