Thursday 17 January 2013


Like many people who have experience with new builds, we are having 'difficulties' with our Council.  The thing about Councils that I think one should be wary of; that the old saying "no news is good news" is not true of especially small town Councils. No news should prompt the applicant to inquire or confirm, so that a Conditional Bomb isn't let off at the 13th hour. 

Still, we are hoping that there won't be too many conditions that the Planning Department want to enforce on our Development Application, especially seeing as this 7m high structure still remains our neighbour, even though it is, after 15 years - still unapproved and still standing:

It's not even that I dislike it.  It's more of - well - a precedent issue.

Very soon, I will glance towards these three Prophets of old, as I like to refer to them, and I will no longer see them from our garden.

 I will miss the sight of them.

But then, the new Workshop ( our new build) that will block their view will hold much promise and not only fulfill the Machinist's and my long term dreams, but offer a legacy for our children.

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