Sunday 17 February 2013

If Things Don't Change, They'll Stay The Same

The Machinist, in conversation today declared that he thought summer was just about over and autumn was upon us.  This made me smile, as I love autumn; even the thought of autumn.  Last year, I remember kicking the fallen plane tree leaves in the centre of Civic, just outside Gus's Cafe.  There were so many of them - on the pavement, hanging off the kerb and into the gutter.  A thick and ample duvet for damp tarmac and cement.

After much talk and procrastination, the five of us are going to join the gym in Goulburn. Sam joined over a month ago and the Machinist signed up yesterday.  I was going to as well, but when I arrived there to meet the Machinist and put my money where my mouth was, I backed out.  I felt sort of angry.  Angry that I was about to resort to going to a gym.  Any gym. 

A young trainer came over to where I was standing with Sam.  "Are you going to sign up, too?" he asked, after spending time with the Machinist. 
"I'm not sure"
"Not sure?"
"No.  To be honest with you - I hate gyms".  The trainer looked embarrassed and started to flush.  Then he laughed, nervously.
"You hate them?"
"Yes, I hate them.  They are monotonous and they bore me.  They hurt as well.  But - I know that if things don't change, they'll stay the same...."

While having a coffee with Emma and the Machinist at The Coffee Club today,  I committed to her that I would, in fact, join her and we would attend gym together.  She informed me that she was going to be my worst enemy and would drive me on if and when I faltered or complained in this resolve.

Here's looking forward to a beautiful autumn, even if it is peppered with pain and suffering (such drama!).  And I know my heart will be most impressed.

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