Saturday 23 February 2013

Our Motley Crew

This is Bob:

Isn't he handsome?  Two years ago, Bob was bitten by a snake and we saved his life by administering Vitamin C and B injections, along with strong black coffee and lots of love and care.

This is Polly:

She is such a faithful, loyal one-person (me) dog.  She gets very jealous of any other dog around that comes near me.  Sad to say, in Polly's jealousy, she killed my other faithful girl,


And our youngster dog, Lilly:

Woopie and Lilly are buried in our front garden.

Polly had to leave home.  She is now living with the Grands.  The Machinist says she is the luckiest dog alive. She probably is.

This is Pepi.  She is Lilly's sister and is in love with our Sarah:

This is Sasha.

She is also in love with Sarah, although she doesn't really care who strokes her and feeds her, cos she is delightfully plump and lazy.  Sasha is the sole survivor from a litter of six.

This was Bucko (he didn't always look like this)

 He flew into our garden when he was a baby.  Actually, he didn't fly, he sort of nose-dived.  Bucko had beak and feather disease.  The vet gave him six months to live.  He lived for almost three years and was a delight to us. Bucko is also buried in the front garden with Lilly and Woopie

This is Wilson as a lamb.

 Obviously, he's much bigger now.  Wilson is living with a local farmer, along with his friend, Leo.  One day, as soon as the Machinist has time, we hope to fence in a paddock on the Block, so that Wilson and Leo can be closer to home.    

We've had so many pets over the years.  Some have gotten killed on the road.  The others, by snake bite.  Some, however, just went on their travels and didn't return home.  I don't even want to think what happened to them.

Unless they are now living their happy ending. I do hope they are!

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