Friday 15 March 2013


After many fantasies and good intentions of blogging regularly I am left with a sense of disappointment towards self.  I say to myself  "Self, - even if the blog post turns out crappy - just pull your head in and do it.."

I speak tough, acquire a new verve, then go on to view the blog posts of others or take a (s)troll on Facebook.

Many wild and spontaneous adventures with the local Council are always up for grabs.  These adventures make me feel drained and sad.  But then,  in a moment of clarity, I rob myself of the right to feel self pity over such trivialities when the rest of life is so BIG. 

These thoughts and feelings are like foreigners to me.  So is the urge to rebel. 

I might go and play 80's One Hit Wonders - full volume.


We may be on the verge of being granted a Construction Certificate, so that we can start building the second Workshop.  The Machinist has hired a shipping container to store equipment until the structure is up and concreted.  In the meantime, out of working hours, the girls and I are painting the house, as you do when you are in-waiting. Very soon it really will be 'all systems - GO!'

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