Friday 19 April 2013

The Way It Is.

A lamb appeared in our garden late yesterday afternoon.  It was breathing heavily, and had sought rest between the two photinia robustas.   The lamb's woolly neck was blood stained, and yet - he was standing firmly, - alerted to our presence (Emma and myself, with grand-baba Keiralea in my arms). Just then, a huge Rottweiler also appeared and paused in it's tracks, head tilted back staring at us almost arrogantly (he reminded me of a scene from "Cujo").  Then there was the Machinist's voice behind me "Get inside, Helen, both of you - get away from that dog..."

The Machinist called the farmer who owned the lamb, and alerted the neighbour who owned the dog.  Although it wasn't one of the farmer's flock, he took it away....

You can imagine our delight and joy, then, when we learned that the lamb had been stitched, pain killers and antibiotics had been administered and the lamb is currently doing well in his "parents" shed.

We later heard that the owner of the dog had taken his pet to be euthanised

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English Rider said...

Hard to follow that random comment about cars.
That lamb was of the resilient kind and very lucky to live to gambol another day. The dog's owners did what must be done. It makes no one happy.
Here, in California,they would just as likely have blamed the lamb, because their dog/child/brother can do no wrong.


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