Friday 1 January 2016

New Year's Eve. New Year's Day.

Life is ever changing.

This eve - this new year's eve - is the first that the Machinist and I have spent ALONE together in 33 years.

It feels weird.

It is weird.

We see our children, their spouses and grandchildren every day.  It's not as if we have special occasion get togethers, because we always have get togethers in the course of regular, every day life.

Like earlier on the last day of last year.  We all went out to celebrate my mam's birthday.  It was a "given" that we should see the Grands anyway.  A regular weekly visit.  It so happened to be her birthday, and cause for eating out at one of her preferred restaurants.

It's not as if we feel lonely or out of the celebrations, either, because even as I type, our local  Hotel is hosting their New Year's Eve party, and the music is pounding out, equalled only by the vocal chorus of villagers, as they recognise and reminisce with the lyrics of familiar songs.

And yet .... somehow... new year's is different.  There are (sort of) expectations of being with loved ones.  Family or friends.  Or both.

This change is probably going to be the first of many to come.

A(nother) new beginning.

Peace and happiness to you, Blogreaders!

Happy New Year!!


ToBlog today said...

Wishing you more of family get togethers and eternal happiness. Happy New Year!

Helen said...

Thankyou, Angelina.. Same to you! Happy new year to you and your loved ones~


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