Monday 17 March 2008

Hand Tools

It's almost time to advertise our new business "MetalSmithery", and the Machinist and Number One Son are busy with plans on what type of metal designs they will make for the launch. It's important to always stay at least two to three months ahead of time and work on items relevant to specific holidays, seasons and up and coming event themes that aren't happening now, but in the near future. I learned this from many homemaking and country magazines that the Young Ladies and I read. For instance, the editors and staff work on Christmas topics and themes in October. Or summer fun and lots of outdoor eating and decorating in September.

It's my job to send photos, artwork and logos to the company who are busy building our website, and I find this very challenging, because I can't think 'creative' while I'm busy thinking and applying 'practical' to the here and now. I've realised, with chagrin, how underskilled I am at doing several things at once. A friend once declared that '...all mothers can do several things at once....'. I had to enlighten her to the fact that this particular mother could not. Fact is, I never could. I'm an all or nothing type of girl.

But you know - I try. I really do.

The Machine Shop has been steaming hot, as we have no insulation. The Machinist keeps both of the roller doors open for maximum breeze and air circulation. I am horrified at this, because I always have images of pesky brown snakes slithering in when we aren't looking! The cats and the puppies venture in and out all day long. They like to be with us, but ... well.... when the temperatures soar, they don't like to be with us that much, and they return to the cool of the plum or quince tree.

It was on one such hot day that I attempted to take my own photos of the Machine shop. I gathered some of the Machinist's HAND tools of trade, spread them out on a welding-splattered iron bench and proceeded to take the shots, trying to be really creative by using settings on the digital camera that I've never used before. One in particular called "Collections". I don't know if it's much different to the regular setting I use. I sent some to the Webmaster, so that he could spin his magic. (Thanks, Vent - )

I'm waiting for the results and will post here when all is done...

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