Saturday 14 March 2009

Build It And They Will Come

Time is flying by so fast, people are asking when we will be opening and sometimes, I panic thinking that we won't have the shop ready in time for our village's annual pumpkin festival on the first weekend in May.

The front door, wide open

Perhaps we we will be open and perhaps, we won't. It's hard to give an exact date when you don't even know yourself.

Looking out of the front windows
The simple answer is that we will open when we are - well - good and ready. When all that has to be done, is done.
Looking out of the side windows
I don't say this flippantly, because we are working so hard and there is a lot to do in a short period of time.

Site of the 8 metre cafe serving counter

This evening, I transferred all my notes from a variety of sources to one main, handbag-compliant diary which I bought yesterday. On one of the pages, I have a diagram, which looks like a scientifically depicted molecule; the nucleus is "Metalsmithery", with a number of 'appendages' - (sub-categories) - attached to it, as follows:

General Administration, MYOB, Suppliers, Budget, Legals, Packaging, Insurance, Marketing, Cafe, The Bakery, Printing, Advertising, The Gallery, Finance, Website, Blog, Council and Health.

Site of Gallery hearth

I know there will be more, as I delve deeper into each of these necessary sub-categories. I have to smile, though, because the whole project seems so close, and yet so far away. Soon, very soon, the bricks and mortar building to be known as Metalsmithery, will look beautiful and functional, and not messy and distinctively building site-ish.

The Machinist and Samuel-son... after a hard day's graft.

And I know, I truly know that if we build it, they WILL come.

To be continued....


emilyclare said...

Oh my its looking great! I especially love the door. And am becoming increasingly excited about the Pumpkin festival - and spending more time with your lovely family of course.

Anonymous said...

It's looking good and I feel very excited *for* you. This is going to be a great new venture when I'm sure all your hard work will be repaid tenfold. How lovely too that this is a project that the whole family can be involved in.


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