Wednesday 25 March 2009

Paint Supplies

Part of the paint supply, including brushes and rollers. This is mostly external paint. See the little glass dish on top? That is used to hold the nasty burny stuff (paint stripper), which is brushed on to the glass windows. There's loads of 'forrest green' paint splatters from previous owners and previous attempts at dolling the Shop up on the glass. We often declare that said green paint must have been purchased as a 'job lot'.

Another part of the paint supply, surrounded by miscellany. When you're pushed for time, you tend to 'dump'. Let's see ... we've got a crate full of manual tools such as screwdrivers, clamps, chisels, hammers, and a metal saw. Tubs of nails. A box of dust masks. Plastic cups for impromptu bottles of soft-drink. A flood light. Wood preparations. A wooden ladder.

Oh, and see that stainless steel piece of equipment in the top corner? It's an old pie warmer, and came with the Shop. We're not sure if it works, because it needs to be cleaned and tested. That's another job for another day.

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Housewife Savant said...

As we're about the business of tearing up our kitchen we're using phrases like "job lot" too, and "construction grade."
If it's everywhere and inexplicable, it's job lot.
If it's poor quality and unreasonable, it's construction grade.
I HATE those phrases and the garbage they stand for.

Then again; forty years from now WE'LL be the "What-on-earth-did-they-think-they-were-doing?" people, when another fam lives here and does reno.

FYI kitchen reno plus daycare means the table is piled with Licoln Logs and action figures, baby wipes, Liquid Nails, drill and extension cord, baby water and cans of formula powder. Clean bottles are stacked on the countertop next to the boxes of nails. Where ELSE wouldja have 'em?


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