Wednesday 4 March 2009

We're Moving Inside Now

I've been roller coasting...

Roller coasting mental thoughts. It gets like that when you don't know if you're Arthur or Martha, Coming or Going, Piggy or Twiggy (well, I know what I am in the latter example... oink oink ...). The outside Shop painting is now finished. As a bonus, my balance has improved a hundred fold and I can now scamper-climb like an African monkey on the forklift (and in other places), and so many local folk who pass by, seem to stare, half hanging out of their driver's side car window. It must look like that scene from the Sound of Music, where the Captain and his girlfriend are cruising and they see his children hanging from the branches in the tree-lined avenue. We'd be the children, - hanging - minus the clothing made from old drapery, plus the paint splattered T's and peddle pushers.

This week, I attempted to remove the vinyl tiles from the floor in what was once the outdoor toilets (they are now inside toilets). They are filthy dirty! The porcelain bowls are broken, and the urinal needs new stainless steel. The Machinist, in an effort to satisfy the concerns of the girls who will have to clean said urinal, assured them that he will manufacture a urinal to prevent boastful attempts of high flyers. The design he has in mind curves at the top, which would result in self-saturation.

That should trick 'em!

This evening we drew up a game-plan. The Machinist is to make a grand entrance step, manufactured from checker-plate and flanked by windows which were once doors. The girls and I are to sand the cement floor, ready for painting with a non-slip preparation, and Sam is to manufacture a supporting beam, which will eliminate the need for a pole in the middle of the gallery floor.

I love having a plan.

I'm also a list freak!

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