Thursday 18 June 2009

Six Days

I was peeping at a friend who follows me blog and according to her statistics, I hadn't posted in 6 days. So I got to thinking why I hadn't posted in so long and where had all the time gone? One day I had been running errands and shopping in town with one of my girls, preparing for her convalescence after wisdom teeth extraction; chick flicks, yoghurts, custards, puddings, cup-o-soups, new jim-jams to loll about in, cream soda and ice cream.

Then came extraction day. I'm convinced that mothers suffer so much more with sheer worry.

On the following day, I was scheduled to go to Cookery School, to learn more about shortcrust and puff pastry with chef Christoffe . While at the class, I learned about Harry De Wheels, - a pie vendor, (established 1938) and Sydney icon - from a fellow student (thanks for the tip-off, Di!). The Machinist took good care of our dental patient while I was away (oops, nearly said mental patient! She would be pleased... not).

During the course of my gadding around, I must have picked up a chill, which was a great reason to keep said DENTAL patient company - for a whole day. Then it was back to the road, as we travelled to Mulgoa to pick up cafe chairs and secure an order for crockery and cutlery and other cafe-needful things.

Finally, a day catching up with paperwork was well over-due. It settles the Machinist's mind, too, knowing that all is administratively in order.

Today was spent in the barn with daughter Emma. She is strong and is able to move things and she keeps me on track. I call her Hitler...smiles... and salute her, clipping my feet together, in a semi-Nazi, semi-Julie Andrews -in-the-sound-of-music kind of way. We've had to sort the barn to make room for product storage. It's dirty and dusty and the amount of stuff in there has us at our wits end. The puppies have enjoyed it tremendously, because they get to sniff and explore and jump up on us and get fussed. You have to really keep your eyes open whilst in the barn, because there are nests of all kinds - mice, rats, bugs, spiders and all manner of creepies and hairy marys. "I'm surprised we've had no sleepers, muv" said Emma, kicking a pile of leaves / dirt / carpet fluff. By 'sleepers', she means snakes. I reiterated that if anything along those lines moved, I would be out of there in a (jumping jack) flash.

A bale of hay that the Machinist had bought for the chickens had to be laid in their coop, and as I hauled it over there, and opened the coop door, one of the hens lay cold and hard and all screwed up in a corner. Poor girl. There were marks on the back of her head where her fellow sistas had attacked her. I sometimes think that humans are akin to chickens, by the saying 'kick a man while he's down' and this sure gives new meaning to being 'hen pecked'. I've scooped her up into a bucket, which currently hangs on the latch - a task for the Machinist when he gets home. Truth is, I don't know what to do with her, as he usually deals with this type of thing.

Femme fatale...

For now, though, it's back to sorting what I can before the rain arrives.


Housewife Savant said...

You are So Much Cooler than Julie Andrews.
I missed you for Six Days!

Mrs. White said...

What a lovely post. Such a nice visit. Your adventures at home and with the shop are a treat to read!
Mrs. White

blackbird said...

I don't know where the time goes but it does- taken up by housecare, childcare and care of everything else. I spend much more time thinking about my blog than I spend actually posting. But, that's good because it gets me thinking about finding a balance in my days.

And, I'm very glad that I'm not clearing out a barn.


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