Tuesday 9 June 2009

Walls: Gone!

I often wonder what I should write on this blog. I meant it to be about homemaking, business life, starting a new, different business and how I attempt to do all three. Instead, I find I've ventured down a lot of rabbit warrens. The art of getting carried away, or going with the flow, whatever the flow is on any particular day. Thoughts, feelings, ponderings and facts. Maybe I should just stick to the facts.

Anyway, the facts....

Today was spent pulling down walls within the Shop, preparing for the commercial kitchen, which will be our bakery kitchen. The whole shop was built in the 50's and was formerly a Golden Fleece petrol station. I'm told that Golden Fleece memorabillia fetches in quite a lot now days. Not that we have any memorabillia. We were left with the chaff of a former-flourishing restaurant, situated on the side of a main highway. Our village has since been cut off from the highway, and anyone driving from A to B would have to exit to visit us. Fortunately, we are between the snow-fields and the city of Sydney, which still brings tourists in. Hungry tourists. Tourists needing petrol. Tourists who are running on the fumes of their last refill.

We've probably had around 25 cars pull into our parking lot over the past weekend, all wanting food, drink or petrol. The local corner shop has recently closed down, and there is only a cafe and a hotel to service them. I find it quite exciting to think that these could have been our customers, had we been ready.

Which drives me with more determination to do whatever I can so that we can open soon. For now, though, I need a bath, as I have a film of gyprock plaster on my face and my hair feels like a badger's brush.


blackbird said...

How exciting to have customers before you're ready for them. It sounds as if you're getting closer to being done every day. The last bits always seem to take the longest.

@eloh said...

I e-mailed you a note to a link you may find interesting. Then had to e-mail again because I forgot to put the link in. Some of my days are much better than others.

I am so excited for you and your store. Will you be able to put a sign up on the new road near the cut off?

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

...uh, what's a badger's brush...?

That all sounds very exciting,and it's like you're racing yourself to get the job done so you can serve the customers. Good luck!
You should post pictures as you do all of this work.
(You ARE taking "before" pictures, right...?)

Yolanda said...

I think anything you share hear is good.So excited about your store.


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