Wednesday 9 September 2009

A Day in the Life of the Machinist's Wife

Get up at 5.50am

Decide to go back to bed at 6.15am

Wake again at 7.55am

Have early morning tea with the Machinist - (him - flat white coffee - me - Rooibos tea)

Put on a load of washing

Transfer 'smalls' to tumble dryer (phobia about hanging knickers on line)

Hang larger items of clothing on washing line while puppies jump up on the back of my legs.  Start looking for fallen pegs in the wet soil / grass below the washing line. (a result of hurried young adults and / or mischievous puppies pulling washing - and pegs - off the line)

Start pulling weeds out of Sarah's garden bed (near washing line).  Notice that the majority of rogue greenery is not weeds, but rather - self rooted valerian. "...It spreads as bad as the catmint, mam..."

Mid-morning coffee with the family at the kitchen table.

Go up to the Shop to assist in raising the exhaust hood into the ceiling cavity.  Witness a lot of shouting and directing, due to the sheer weight and degree of difficulty in getting the exhaust hood in said ceiling cavity.  Ask Grandpa if he would ask Grandma to make some sandwiches for a bunch of loud rebel raisers (the Grands are always wanting to help us in some way).

Have lunch with the Grands: cup o' soups, toast, boiled eggs, cheese, pickles, fruit tea and coffee.  What a delight!

Go home and start weeding the garden at the front of the house.  Azaleas, hellebores, Solomon's prayer, Daphne.  Weed around garden seat.  Set up two terracotta pots at each side of garden seat. Weed around front courtyard - banksia roses, more Daphne, snow-in-summer, photinias, phlox, dwarf Irish strawberry tree.

On the Machinist's request go up to the Shop again to check out the exhaust hood now fully bolted to the ceiling beams.  "Look, Babe, no props!"

Return home.  Cart wheelbarrow of weeds to the back of side paddock (where the Grandfather Brown Snake lives.  Note: it's still winter).  Machinist finds a heap of cut logs, so assist him in cutting more wood for fires. 

Help the Machinist cut a pile of unwanted hardwood beams ex-Shop from the back of his ute, in the light from the Workshop.  (It's handy having lots of hand tools on hand! Circular saw, waiting wheelbarrow).

Take pile of cut wood to the Grands "...we have two logs for tonight, Helen, but nothing to start the fire with tomorrow, and we light the fire early..."

Return home.  Order curry and rice from the Bushranger Hotel across the road (Tuesday = Curry Night = A huge BLESSING).  

Update blogs and research while the Machinist watches Biker Build Off. 

"Ok, Machinist, I'm coming to bed now"

Goodnight All!


Tess Kincaid said...

The Bushranger Hotel across the road? How fun to have carry out so conveniently located! I'm afraid I would use it all too often!

Tess Kincaid said...

PS~ Your Libra symbol looks awfully familiar! :^)

will said...

About that weeding business ... oh, never mind, some people just can't help it!

Alan Burnett said...

And so to bed (as an earlier blogger used to say)

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

A phobia about hanging your knickers on the line? Interesting...

I have awarded your Blog an award dear Helen. The details are on my Wednesday post.
Nighty Night xx

The Daily Connoisseur said...

What a wonderful post. I love reading about how people spend their day... I especially love reading what people eat. Not sure where this fascination comes from. A lovely blog and a lovely post :)

Jeannette StG said...

wow, you have busy days!


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