Thursday 6 January 2011

Aquatic Drones: Good Guys Really

One of the toilets at the Shop wasn't flushing with as much passion as it usually flushes.  On inspection, the Machinist discovered that the submersible pump in Number Two Septic Tank wasn't working and grey water was building up and not seeping away quick enough - therefore, causing a sort of septic regurgitation. 

He came into the kitchen to tell us that he had fixed the problem. "...and Doll, you should see the creatures we have in the septic tanks..."

The three of us looked up, waiting for more information.


"The tanks"

"The pumps are  fixed"

"No, the creatures...."

"You don't wanna be lookin'...."

The Kitchen procession began - out of the back door across to the septic tanks. 

Rattailed Maggots and lest you think the tail is - well - the tail.  It's not.  It's their breathing tube.


English Rider said...

Oh Yummy!

Von said...

Whow! The wonders of the septic tank, never ceases to amaze what's going on in there!No wonder my dad was an tank addict!

Ken Devine said...

Aaaagh! Why did I look? I guess I'm destined for another nightmare.

Sue said...

Breathing tube? It breathes through its bum? I'm fascinated now - in the same way that a person might be fascinated by a train wreck, where you just KNOW you shouldn;t look. Do they use the breathing tube like a little snorkel while they wriggle around, submerged in...never mind...


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