Wednesday 12 January 2011


First the fires.  Now the floods. 

I have dear friends - isolated and marooned in their homes - unable to escape by themselves, waiting for the State Emergency Services to rescue them.  Depending on a rescue, when all the time -not knowing if this is possible due to continuing weather conditions.

Such devastation puts everything into perspective.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Miller-Carters, those of the Murray Cod


English Rider said...

We are watching the nightly news reports. Hope everyone gets through this O.K.

Ken Devine said...

I just can't begin to understand what people must be going through. I hope your friends are ok.

Donna B. said...

Hang in there Helen! I hope you and your friends are safe. We have been watching on the news. I was so touched and saddened about the little boy who insisted his baby brother be rescued first, and then he and his Mother were swept away and drown. My heart still aches thinking of his bravery and sacrifice.

Betty and Wilma said...

watch out you might get Lost flying from Australia some time. :) well thanks for the read! Nice artwork, are you the artist? Well, see you around!


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