Monday 11 April 2011

Relaxing After Work

After a long and customer-busy day at the pie shop, there's nothing more relaxing than couch potato-ing it next to the Machinist.  Our usual viewing line up is 60 minutes followed by Silent Witness on a Sunday.  After this, we flick and flick, looking for snippets of shows that we may be interested in.  American Idol flashes a full view of all three judges...

"Is that his real face?" I ask the Machinist of Steven Tyler.
"No nips, tucks, pinches or stretches?"
"I don't think so"

The dogs are all over me.  Polly either at my feet or the chair next to me.  Big Black Bob between the Machnist and I with his big head weighing heavy on my lap.  Peppi curled up in a tight ball, on my lap and Lilly - laying across Big Bob's neck and onto my left side.

"I don't get it", says the Machinist "I feed and water them, administer medicine and care for them when they are sick, yet they're always sitting with you or on you.  You're their Idol"

He's always making me laugh...


Ken Devine said...

Sounds like a happy family enjoying time together. Nice to hear from you, Helen.

Miss Melissa said...

I guess they love mummy more? lol ;) So cute. :)
I challenged you to a list of questions. :) Pop over to my blog to copy them and answer them if you want. :)



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