Sunday 20 February 2011

True Perspective

"To withdraw for a brief moment from the hurly-burly and distractions of everyday affairs will afford both relief and fresh incentive; it will enable us to determine whether we are on the right road; it will give us the true perspective" - J.C.W.R. 

We went out for dinner last night with fellow business associates, business owners and friends.   Although the meal was scrumptious (antipasto, followed by rib eye, reduced red wine gravy, baked garlic, baked potato and then onto panna cotta), it was secondary to the company we kept.  We spoke of other countries, childhood days, family, music, health and well being.  And we laughed.  We laughed a lot.

Throughout the conversations there was a 'knowing'.  A knowing that we each understood the other's lifestyle, sacrifices and responsibilities.  We all 'got it'.

On the way home, the Machinist had the windows open, driving down the main street of the city.  The streets were filled with Youth, - deciding on their next move or destination.  Mostly, -  mere girls, looking beautiful with high heels and mini skirts that would make their mothers cringe (surely?).  Here and there - a few groups of boys - well - they looked like boys -  dressed very casually in T's and jeans or T's and shorts, seemingly no match, appearance wise for the girls.

Cars passed us, filled again with Youth holding beer cans or Maccas burgers, windows wound down and a 'doof, doof, doof' coming from their costly fully-sick sub woofas.  And then, out of nowhere at the traffic lights (the Machinist still calls them 'Robots' from his South African days) a car full of Asian boys pulled up beside us.  I watched them, wondering about their life and family and whether they were born here, and if they were happy and whether they called Australia 'home'. Instead of the beer bottles and cans and general junk food passed around, the front passenger passed around an amply filled plastic bag.  Each of the back seat passengers took from the bag.

"Look, Doll... look what they're eating...."

Then, laughter.

In tune with their intrinsic culture, the young Asian boys were passing around a variety of fruits.

It truly was so refreshing to withdraw from every day affairs....


Ken Devine said...

Hi Helen
I've been enjoying the photos and wishing for a similar vacation.

That was a nice story about the fruit.

We've been watching quite a lot of TV about Australia lately (not the soaps). It certainly has a lot going for it.

It's nice to be hearing from you.

Millie said...

I will pass the fruit suggestion onto all our Hoon-Mobile Doof-Doof sons. I'm sure they will skip down to the Fruit shop immediately - I WISH!!! Lovely story.
Millie x


 Table talk amongst our children is and always has been, -  a rabbit warren . We start off in one hole and end up in another -  quick smart....