Saturday 9 July 2011

Fridges, Flights and Axes

The Machinist is up early.  He and Number One Son are going to Sydney to pick up a cold display fridge that I bid on and won. Usually, the Machinist and I do the Sydney trips together, as we consider them a bit of business and pleasure.  Pleasure being the opportunity to EAT out. Today, however, I have to make pies.  Lots of pies.  If I'm good and actually finish making the pies the girls are going to let me go home, so that I can chisel away at the mound of paperwork currently sitting before me as I type.

My Mam and brother are going to the UK in four days time.  I'm all nervous.  For them, and for me.  I don't want my Mam to be stressed and tired, or worry about anything (as she often does).  I want her to be calm and peaceful and enjoy her visit with her sisters and my brothers.  I'm hoping my brother doesn't get too tired with all the arrangements and responsibility of the care for both of them (he has Tetralogy of Fallot aka 'Blue Baby Syndrome').  And for me - well - I'm gonna miss them.  Seven weeks is a long time.  Oh, and the goodbyes.....

Grandpa will be staying home. At an impressive 85 years he doesn't fancy the trip.  He will be coming into the cafe each day for his coffee(s) and looking after "Blossom", their 8 year old Pekingnese.  Blossom will need a lot of care.  Yesterday, our Sarah took her to the vet and she has a heart murmer, is acutely obese, has a tired liver and possibly, even doggy-diabetes.  Grandpa assures us that he will NOT be chopping wood for his fire, and he will leave that to us.  (Even though he secretly bought another axe when he handed over his rather large axe to us).  Several trips to the outpatients, due to axe trauma doesn't really bother him.  I'm convinced he has his fingers crossed behind his back when he promises he won't EVER chop wood again, nor seek 'kindling' on the hill behind his cottage.

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Ken Devine said...

They'll have the time of their lives but will probably be ready to come home after a month...missing your pies:)


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