Monday 25 July 2011

Good Help

The Machinist helped us a LOT at the Pie shop over the weekend.  He is so willing to help, but insists that we always have something for him to do 'next', as he despises waiting around.  What's so cool about the Machinist helping out at the shop is that we get to have breakfast. Because the Machinist makes us breakfast.

We've discovered a new brand of DOUBLE smoked bacon for the pies, and always order a bit more for us.  The Machinist was grilling the bacon for our new Brekkyinapie breakfast pie.  After retrieving it from the oven, he cautiously picked up a rasher, held it above his head, lowering it into his mouth.  Chewing and mumbling at the same time, he asked

"...Anyone else for Aussie spaghetti?..."


The Duck Herder said...

hee hee. haa haa haa.
It IS hard to get good help sometimes.

hee hee.

Vera said...

Oh that's funny! And you have made my mouth water with your mention of the bacon. The French don't 'do' bacon, so we can only buy thin slices of what they do sell, which you can almost see daylight through because they really are so thin!

Ken Devine said...

I've just got back from France and, as Vera said, they don't do bacon. Guess what I had a full pack of this morning? I should have done what the Machinist did:)

The Journey said...

need some recipes dear! I miss you, please write. Linda in IN


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