Tuesday 24 January 2012


The Machinist and I did a lot of gadding about during our Christmas break.  We went on a few day trips around our region.  I'm still grazing on the memories of drives we took in the new Land Rover Discovery.  This is what it looks like:

What a pleasure to travel on hot days in a beautifully airconditioned car!

We went to the National Gallery of Australia:


The War Memorial:

 The National Zoo and Aquarium:

We took a trip to the beach.  Some of us swam, some paddled, some frolicked in rock pools and some, well - they just got sun burned.

Later in the Christmas break, the Machinist and I took a trip to Cooma, which is a town in the Snowy Mountains.

It wasn't snowing when we were there (ha!), and after passing through we descended the Brown Mountain, and spent the night at a quaint Bed and Breakfast, which was and still is the General store and Post office called The Two Storey B & B at Central Tilba

But... the one place that I truly adore and even dream about was the culmination of our travels, namely, the one and only Foxglove Spires Garden at Tilba Tilba.

What can I say?  You can read more here.

I am truly besotted, especially as I read the creator and owner of the garden, Sue Southam's book: Velvet Pears. 

And so, to bed!  Where I can read more of these beautiful pages, and perhaps even dream of them!


ToBlog today said...

What a lovely account of your travels... I miss Australia!

Unknown said...

Foxglove Spires is such a special place. I could visit there everyday and still have plenty more to see. I love Velvet Pears. I got it on the day that it was released in our local book shop. I had to savour every page as I never wanted it to end. I'd force myself to close it up and take a break so as not to end the adventure. It was a painful process! But oh so lovely! And I love her velvet pears recipe and her chocolate cake one {the one her girls grew up on:)}. So lovely! xx


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