Wednesday 4 January 2012

Our Pet Family

I can't believe four months have past since my last post!

Wilson is a big boy now.  He has a friend; also a poddy lamb which we raised to be his companion.  Wilson's friend is Leo.  Wilson, we've learned, is a Merino lamb and Leo is a Border lester cross.  They eat and eat and eat in the paddock at the side of our house. They are truly 'Fat Lambs'.  Somewhere in the paddock lies two lambs tails and two gonad sacks. The Machinist jokes about finding these body parts and using them to spur his lads into action, should they ever become slack while at work in the factory.  The lads just laugh about the Machinist's threats, as they know his task of finding said parts would be like finding needles in a haystack.

In other pet news, my lovely Lilly - a Schnauzer cross Pug has been fatally mauled by Polly, our Staffy cross Silky.  We were all out at the time of the alpha-female power struggle and poor Sarah had to come home to the end of the battle. We rushed Lilly to the vet, and all was looking good "No news is good news", the local vet advised our Sarah.  And then, around 9.30pm that night, there was a phone call...

I still can't get over it.  I've never grieved a dog like I do Lilly.

There is MUCH more news, but the Machinist is calling me to bed.  We hope to visit Jenolan Caves tomorrow with the rest of my lovely family and we're hoping to make an early start (well, as early as one would like to call early while on holiday.  Our first in three years).

More later....

RIP, my lovely Lilly xx


Mrs. White said...

So sorry about your loss... It is always nice to read an update!

Mrs. White

ToBlog today said...

Sorry to hear about Lilly. Animals impact us in so many wonderful ways. And sometimes we don't realize how much we are endeared until they are gone.

All the best in 2012 to you and your family!!!

ToBlog today said...

Sorry to hear about Lilly. Pets really are so endearing and we do grieve for them when they die.

All the best in 2012!

The Acorn said...

Our poor Lilla! Tongue out and everything.

Good to see some action happening here.

Love you!

ToBlog today said...

Sorry to hear about Lilly. It is so sad when a trusted family pet dies.

I hope 2012 will give you much joy and happiness with the other pets. :)

Lynn said...
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