Thursday 12 July 2012

Calling A Diet A Diet

It's very rare, of late to spend a whole day at home.  On weekdays, I am taking the Grands to their doctor's appointments or keeping my own, along with the Machinist.  Otherwise, there are jobs to be picked up or jobs to be dropped off in town (sixty kilometres away from where we live and work).  Accountants to consult, banking to be transacted, hardware to be bought, vehicles to register.

And... blood to be let. At the Pathology clinic, that is.

Some months back, I booked an appointment at a Sydney doctor's practice for our Emma. In the meantime, Emma embarked on a new health plan and had no need to see this specialist doctor.  And so - I took her place and I'm glad I did.

I, too will be embarking on a new health plan, - dare I call it a "diet".  Although we all like to publicly refer to it as ' ...a new lifestyle...' or '...a new way of eating...', I'm convinced there's many of us that still use the term 'diet', and when we do, it makes everything clear and there's no questions needed to be asked and everyone knows what's going on.

The diet I refer to is the HCG diet.  I've read about it and am reading more and more.  I will even be adding to the diet blog I set up some time ago...

All being well, I will start tomorrow.  The diet, not updating the blog...

Wish me luck good health!


Unknown said...

As per my perspectives diet is good for health. You have to try it and try it regularly. It helps you to reduce weight and stress is well.

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ToBlog today said...

Wishing you good health and a successful diet journey. I've changed my diet over a year ago and it serves me well... mostly trying to become "raw" "vegan" drinking daily green smoothies.


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