Wednesday 11 July 2012

Workshop Development

The Machinist has received a lot of new work and challenging projects for our Engineering business. Some products are to be duplicated in the hundreds and some products are to be designed from scratch.

 There is a need to build a second workshop to accommodate new machinery, as well as newly manufactured products and we are currently in the process of working on and submitting a Development Application to our local Council.

We were advised to seek and employ a Development Consultant, but true to our family trait, we are DIO (doing it ourselves).

 For those of you who have dealt with (especially) small country town Councils, you will understand what we are going through.

In a way, - adding to the Environmental Effects Statement with additional comments and CAD drawings is a process which makes you think - really think -  about what you have to do - the extent you have to go through to achieve the final result.

The Machinist and I are in total awe at the size and prospect of this extra workload.  Where to start?

Suddenly, I break out in my best Julie Andrews impersonation (The Sound of Music)

"....Let's start at the very beginning....a very good place to start...."

We laugh.  And laugh some more.  Because deep down, we know that all will be well.  Excitement reigns. 

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