Thursday 4 September 2008

Conversations at the Bank

A lady on the Information desk at the bank today:

"Hello, please excuse my desk. It's messy, but I really am an organised person"

Me: "Oh, I know what you mean - I love organising myself"

Banklady: "One wouldn't think by looking at my desk right now that I'm not very organised, but I am"

Me: "Organising gets messy"

Much laughter between us ....

Banklady, absent-mindedly as she checks out our accounts on the computer: "I've had a few divorced or going through divorce customers in today"

Me: "It's easy getting a divorce nowadays. Nobody wants to persevere in their marriage" (That should do it! Did she think I was going through a divorce, too?)

Banklady: "Me, myself - well - I'm a bit of a prude"

Me: "Me too"

Banklady: "Us girls at the bank - we get a bit wild, but only after hours when the doors are locked. We have a good laugh"

Me: "A good laugh-till-you-pee-your-pants?"

Banklady: "Actually, yes. I must tell you what happened to me....."

The Banklady proceeds to tell me of the times that hearty laughter had caused her to pee her pants. I reciprocate with my own stories.

Sad, sad, sad....

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