Sunday 21 September 2008

Websites & Blogsites

My computer seat is hot, hot, hot. That's because I've been on it a lot, lot, lot.

Of late, anyway. You see, I've been busy working on websites and blogsites in readiness for the development and opening of Metalsmithery.
Metalsmithery will be our retail outlet for metal creations and accessories that go with those creations. There will be a metal shop, a cafe and eventually, a small bakery. All in the same building; - an old derelict roadhouse, abused and abandoned, situated in a small rural village of NSW, Australia - ' the middle of nowhere, on the road to everywhere.." - according to J McKay - a local resident.

Metalsmithery has been my 'dream' for years and years. I wanted to somehow combine hospitality and baking and coffee (me) with metal fabrication (the Machinist).And in the process, drag the children in, too - kicking and screaming and wailing.
Just kidding.

My girls are great baristas, though. And their baking skills? Oh, man... it's a good job I can't see my butt, or I know I would go into a week-long depression. Until the next Lindt chocolate gluten free friand....

The Metalsmithery website is almost finished and more will be added as products are manufactured, photographed and - well - uploaded.
I will be detailing the merchandise and life as a shopkeeper via the Metalsmithery blog, otherwise known as The Metal-Shop Keeper blog.

Someone still has to hold the fort, though, and that would be the Machinist and Son, at our fabrication shop - the Machine shop - Debco Engineering Pty Ltd. I've also set up a company blog relating to this more commercial / industrial side of our operation - namely - Debloggery.

Over the coming months I will be flirting with all of these blogs:

Debco Engineering = Debloggery

Metalsmithery = The Metal-Shop Keeper

Home, Housekeeping and Family = The Machinist's Wife
Clear as a muddy puddle in clay soil? Welcome to my Manufactory!

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