Saturday 20 September 2008

Family Neighbours

During my early years of marriage to the Machinist, I really missed my mom and dad. I loved being with the Machinist and still do, but it was quite an adjustment for a young naive girl to leave her childhood home and create one all of her own. With a stranger! (My mam always said that you never really know anyody until you LIVE with them).

The Machinist and I lived just over 100km away from my parent's home, and we would see them maybe once a month - when the Machinist's monthly salary was deposited into our account. I fantasised about my parents living closer to us, so that we could visit.

Even when we left the Machinist's homeland, South Africa and moved to Australia, my parents followed, but we still lived kilometres apart. I secretly longed for them to be 'just up the street', but I never told the Machinist, because he would have thought I was a baby.

(I AM a baby).

My dream has finally come true. My parents, the "Grands" now live in our hometown. Not only do they live in our hometown, but they live less than 500m from our house. Imagine, then, the joy when my dear dad pops in for a cup of coffee as he passes our house on his way up to the general store for the local and national newspapers. Although my mom is still (slowly) recovering from cellulitis, and is not out walking long distances as yet, I excitedly await the day when she calls in for a 'cuppa'.

A cup of tea, a piece of cake and a good larf.....

"Hello, nice to see you..."

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The Journey said...

your momma is looking well there. Our fall season is arriving- temp are a little cooler. I love this season except I can't seem to get by without an allergy induced asthma attack or s. Its great you are able to blog more. Do keep well.


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