Thursday 4 September 2008

Grand's New Kitchen

As promised, here are the updated photos of the Grand's kitchen. Before:


Out of the window, you can just see the back end of the shop area that housed the old cool room. This wall will be rendered in the same material as the cottage. You can also see part of the wooden cool room in the distance, soon to become Grandpa's shed (with a galvanised pitch roof added, as well as some climbing roses).
We'll be working on this section of the shop on the weekend.

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Misc. Muse said...

I do love the kitchen and it's bright yellow paint. It will be cheer once your mama is in it- sorry she's been laid up. I am back from my trip. My Marine boy's leave will be ending too soon. He is handsome and grown up. I will send pics later. Wish you were here- I'd make us Tea and Pumpkin scones. Love you! enjoy your blog.


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