Wednesday 29 October 2008

Creepy Season

There's been plenty of paperwork - for both businesses - arriving in our mailbox of late, so instead of me doing the weekly grocery shopping, I sent my middle girl to do the honours, while I completed the FOURTH day of MYOB (Mind Your Own Business accounting software) catchup.

My firstborn girl had taken the Grands into town mid-morning, and later met up with her sister, who brought the Grands back home. Each time the Grands go into town, their sweet little Pekingnese, Blossom, comes to play with our dogs, so before the Grands go home and settle down for the night, they have to pick up Blossom from "daycare".

Today was no different.

Blossom and I met the Grands as they pulled into our driveway with my middle child. There was much chatter about what had transpired on their shopping trip. There was also a discussion about the brown snake and other creepy crawly things.

"'Tis the season to see creepies, tra la la la la la la la la ...."

Mam proceeded to tell us how she had moved a piece of old fencing in her garden (we're busy putting up a new fence for the Grands), so that whoever was to mow the lawn would have a clear run, and in moving the piece of green plastic lattice fence, almost put her hand on "...something big and brown, with a fur coat, AND a waistcoat - with legs thicker and meatier than my own ...".

"And what did you do, Granny? Where is it now?"

"I don't know and nor am I going to look for it. It was so big and furry that if I had a brush on me, I could have combed it's hair.."

So beware, folks. Beware of nooks and crannies and especially old fencing....

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