Wednesday 22 October 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

When I awoke this morning and headed to the bathroom, my daughters had already started mixing a cake. I wanted to investigate as to what type of cake was almost ready to be put into the oven, but The Machinist ushered me back to the bedroom, in order that our family tradition of birthdays could ......... well ............ continue as a family tradition.

(The birthday girl or boy has to wait in their bedroom, until the rest of the family come traipsing through, bearing gifts, or not, with mis-buttoned pyjamas, dishevelled hair and sandman dust in their eyes. Then, the croaky throated chorus begins, followed by a 'hip-hip-hooray') Aaah... this is surely the stuff legends are made of.

The Grands came over for my birthday morning tea, and we scoffed down the gluten free Medeira cake, complete with vanilla icing and thick, clotted cream. Grandpa was introduced to the game of "Jenga", and after a bit of poking and gentle tugging, to acquaint himself with how it works, there was no stopping him. I'm not playing against him again! Never let age fool you.

We went to see a matinee. Get that? A matinee. A daytime movie that older people go to. The content was great, though. Even though it left the three of us girls with mixed feelings of sadness and annoyance: . Our Emma later asked me "Aren't you glad you weren't born in the olden days, ma?"

The tone changed much later after dinner, though, as we went to see another movie in another part of town, really intent on living the high life (like Pinnochio in Pleasure Island). The Machinist and Son were with us, and there was no way we could drag them to another girlie movie. Instead, we settled for .

The Duchess or Arab terrorist action?

Hmmm... that's a hard one.


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Leonie said...

I emjoyed The Duchess - and the next night went to see Taken with my dh! So, a contrast in movies, as you experienced....


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